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Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Dec 6, 2017

Ep #2: With a lot of options, that you have to market your business it’s easy to get lost in what actually you should do. In this episode, Doug Morneau shares how to create a marketing strategy for your business.

Doug is a serial entrepreneur and a host of the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast. He can quickly understand concepts, adapt to new technologies and new media, which makes him a valuable contributor to any sales and marketing problem-solving conversation, or marketing strategy session.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
[00:21] About today’s topic
[01:46] Marina welcomes Doug Morneau
[02:21] Doug have been in business for over 30 years
[03:53] How to create a marketing strategy and pick the direction of how to market your service or product
[05:13] Do you really should you low your prices for having the clients?
[06:31] How to create an avatar of the ideal client
[07:38] The avatar example for a photographer when the audience is professionals or business owners
[10:01] Create an offer for your target audience
[12:24] How to find an opportunity to present in front of your target audience
[14:04] Pick a special day for marketing your business
[15:26] What else to include in your marketing strategy
[17:21] The story of the artist who collaborated with the hotel in Thailand to organize an art show
[18:37] How to connect to people and start collaborating with them
[20:24] Doug shares an example how he reaches out to people
[22:17] The process of creating the marketing strategy
[22:39] Reach people by sending direct messages to people on Instagram
[24:10] Draft a marketing plan
[24:46] Connect with people who serve your target audience and ask to send your offer to their audience
[26:08] For how long and how often you should test new marketing strategies
[27:37] How to use free services to convert person into a paid sale
[29:20] 3 steps that you can do today to create your marketing strategy
[31:06] Connect with Doug

For the show notes and full transcript go here.

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