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Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Jan 1, 2018

Ep #12: In this episode, Bonnie Bruderer shares how you can create your own TV show for under $100.

You will be able to start it by yourself and you will know how to find your first team. We’ll also cover how to find you first guests and then how to monetize your TV show.

Bonnie is an executive producer for multiple multi-platform television shows that air on 50 media outlets globally. 

A Certified Corporate Performance Coach with over 15 years of global successes in improving competitive market positioning, building new markets, enhancing confidence and driving revenue growth.

Bonnie has created an incredible platform for authors, coaches, speakers, inventors, innovators and anyone with a voice or cause to be able to afford main-stream television advertising.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Bonnie Bruderer
  • [02:11] Bonnie shares who she worked with the famous people such as Toni Robbins and others, then she had her consulting company, but she always dreamed about TV, and she started a media company to produce the TV shows.
  • [05:47] How Bonnie started from zero in New York, and they filmed more than 700 shows later
  • [06:52] Without a big name and experience who can start the TV show
  • [09:06] How to start the TV show if you are the only person who can work on it
  • [10:21] How to find people who will help you in the beginning
  • [11:40] How to come up with a good idea for the TV show
  • [13:11] How to differentiate yourself from thousands and thousands of other content creators
  • [14:24] How you can syndicate your show to 50 different outlets
  • [16:01] The process of creating the show
  • [18:08] If your show is the interview based how to find people for interviewing
  • [18:44] The mistakes people make when they create the TV show
  • [19:51] How to monetize the show
  • [23:01] How to measure the success of the episodes or the whole show
  • [24:26] Three steps of how to start your own TV show
  • [25:33] How to connect with Bonnie Bruderer
  • [26:53] For the show notes go to and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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