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Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Dec 11, 2017

Ep #4: Let’s think for a moment: Do you like selling? Maybe. But more likely no. And you’re not alone in that. I was in that situation too. It was so difficult to talk about the packages I had, bargain and lower the prices for clients, and it was a horrible feeling when you talk to the person, spend a lot of time of explaining everything, and then they say ‘No’ or even worst they just disappear.

In this episode, Maria Ross shares how to sell with confidence.

Maria is a brand strategist, author, speaker, and actress. She is founder of marketing and branding consultancy Red Slice where she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to differentiate their businesses, clarify the goals and develop a marketing strategy.

Before creating RED SLICE, she crafted branding and marketing strategies for Silicon Valley start-ups, global software firms, Internet companies, and consumer businesses.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:23] About the episode and Maria Ross
  • [02:39] Maria explains her business role and her work with small businesses
  • [03:22] Why it’s so hard for creatives to sell the art or services
  • [05:22] How to sell what you do without being too self-promotional
  • [06:44] How to be consultative rather than pushy
  • [07:47] How you can build the confidence
  • [05:50] Build your brand strategy and how to be consultative
  • [09:52] How should we prepare our sales process
  • [08:27] How empathy is a secret important skill
  • [11:07] How to approach networking in a different light
  • [14:06] How we can prepare for the sale itself
  • [15:43] What if the person says No when you offer the sale?
  • [15:08] How to get behind the No from a potential client
  • [19:08] How to sell your work without undervaluing it
  • [18:10] Pricing is a brand decision
  • [22:26] If you have two jobs, how can you sell without confusing people
  • [22:08] How to make your passion a part of your business
  • [26:07] How to integrate your passion more fully
  • [25:14] Build a different audience for your new venture and don’t be afraid to change your image
  • [28:22] Three steps you can do to sell with confidence or increase sales
  • [30:25] Find Maria on her website, Twitter, and Facebook
  • [31:53] For the show notes and the full transcript go to

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