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Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

May 11, 2020

Ep #157: Is there even a place for a balance these days? The world just got flipped upside down. Have you thought that one day you will go to the bank with a mask on your face asking for money?

Well, you need a mask because of the coronavirus, but the situation looks so weird from the side. You’ll definitely have something to tell your grandkids.

Still, we need to figure out how to adjust to the current situation, so I brought to you a special guest today.

In this episode, John Patrick Morgan shares how to create a balanced life in a time of uncertainty. 

You will know how to create certainty in this uncertain time, how to balance your business and your family, and how to use this time to create an even better feature.

John is a philosopher, teacher, and coach for individuals intent on living a beautiful life. 

For two decades, he has been supporting entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists to discover how their mind creates their reality and how through opening their heart, they can access deeper fulfillment, more power and exponentially greater results in their life and work.

You will learn:

  • John became an entrepreneur in his early ages and after trying himself in different areas he decided to be a coach
  • Why marketing isn’t a necessary component especially when you start it
  • How to find a balanced life when there is a lot of uncertainty
  • How to cope with the situation where you lose clients, money or even a business
  • How to organize your home life and business
  • How to find your space when you have all family members at home
  • How John dealt with his business challenges and grew his business even more since coronavirus lockdown
  • What John did when the clients stopped working with him during this time
  • Why keep serving people for free
  • How to build your business these days

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