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Marketing for Creatives Show | Marketing Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

May 18, 2020

Ep #158: If you’re on the journey of writing a TED talk then first, congratulations! It’s such an exciting experience. And to make your preparation easier I invited one of my favorite people to go-to when it comes to writing - Kristina Paider.

Together we discuss how to write a TED talk. A Hollywood Scriptwriter's Approach.

And today we’ll cover what to begin with when you prepare your TED talk, how to start and end your talk, and mention all those small details that you better pay attention to when you write a TED talk.

Kristina is the creator of The Hollywood Approach, which helps people get clarity, create a badass game plan, and expedite results on the stories they are telling – and living.

As a writing coach and editor, she helps people apply the same techniques used by Hollywood screenwriters to books, keynotes, marketing, TEDx talks, and also… real life!

Her clients include a wide range of heroic characters and companies from luxury hotels, medical teams, researchers, authors, speakers, CEOs and high performers in 34 countries and counting.

You will learn:

  • How Kristina became a writing coach
  • How to go with what you know when you write a TED talk
  • How to find the right stories to share especially when you have a lot of them
  • Know upfront how long is your talk and keep it up to 15 minutes
  • A three-step process that Kristina uses to write a TED talk
  • Where people often get stuck when they write a TED talk
  • How to combine several stories in one TED talk to make it more powerful
  • The nuances of crafting a TED talk for an audience you want to reach when your talk will be published, not those who will attend a TED event offline
  • How to start and end a TED talk
  • What you shouldn’t include in your TED talk

Let’s get in touch: